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Coeur d’Alene offers many colorful stories from its past. The Native American Indians lived for thousands of years in North Idaho as the Schee-Chu-Umsh. French explorers and fur traders arrived in the early 19th century and discovered the natural wealth of the area, but found the natives to be sharp traders. Because of their shrewd trading practices, they earned the name Coeur d’Alene, loosely translated to “heart of the awl”, a testimony to the tribe’s sharp negotiating skills.

Its rich silver and gold mining and logging brought jobs, wealth, and prosperity to our lake side city for decades. However, once past the prolific logging and mining boom, Coeur d’Alene has bloomed as “Your Lakeside Playground”. Steamboats plied Lake Coeur d’Alene delivering ore, wood, and soldiers to the north shore of the lake. You will still see similar boats on the lake, now used as dinner and sightseeing opportunities for visitors.