Muddy Miles

July 21, 2012


Getting out for some summer fun couldn’t be muddier. The Muddy Miles track starts center stage at the Kootenai Fairgrounds Arena.

Your team will head out through the mucky start, learning to get your footing – whoa, don’t slip!

Through the laughter and rival team bantering, you’ll exit the arena for a loop to the first of several obstacles. Each loop will challenge you and your team to work together to overcome the tire trap, the haymaker, the wailing wall (to mention a few). The music will be turned up, and the spectators aren’t just watching – they’re watching who to hit with water balloons!

The course will be as daunting as you want it to be. Each obstacle will be tiered for your fitness level – Extreme Muddy Buddy ; Runner Amok ; Puddle Jumper. The important part isn’t beating yourself up, its getting out and challenging yourself with a healthy family activity for everyone. During the race, expect the watery mists to cool you, the music to excite you, and your team or family members to both laugh at you as well as need your help through the obstacles.

Course: approximately 2 miles
Obstacles: Mudraker, Tire Trap, Picnic Surprise, Haymaker