Robert Grimes at The Art Spirit Gallery

June 08, 2012 to July 07, 2012


WHO: Robert Grimes -artist

WHAT: otherworldly oil on wood relief constructions

WHERE:       The Art Spirit Gallery 415 Sherman Avenue Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

        -Show runs from June 8 – July 7, 2012

-Opening Reception with the artist on Friday, June 8 from 5:00-8:00 in conjunction with the 2nd Friday Downtown ArtWalk

-Informal gallery talk and demonstration by the artist on Saturday, June 9 starting at 1:00 in the gallery

CONTACT:     Steve Gibbs 208.765.6006         

SPONSOR:    Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre

HOURS:        Open every day from 11:00-6:00


Robert Grimes:

An artist since he completed his first painting at 13, Robert Grimes has the mind of an inventor. His work contains layers on soft wood– organic, mechanical, traditional and progressive – carved, sculpted, folded and painted. Using sanders, saws and drills, dowels, screws and glue, Grimes brings forth images akin to maps and plans, landscapes of the
unknown yet somehow familiar. “When I begin a piece, I have no game plan,” he said, “I begin with automatic drawings and the results are subconscious. The paintings grow.”  His automatic drawings are contained in dozens of sketchbooks from as far back as 1981, pages filled with elaborate doodles. “I avoid making things recognizable for as long as I can,” he explains, “but things come out.”

Whatever he is tapping into, it is ancient and universal, beyond consciousness. He lays one drawing over another, expanding on an original invention and creating something new, destroying and recreating, making room for fresh trains of thought; a simple chair is given
new purpose or the human form becomes a vessel, taking a viewer past what is to what might be. Leonardo da Vinci would certainly ponder “what are these devices?” Looking at his work, a viewer could easily imagine being on a ship exploring space and landing on dozens of worlds in many time periods and being met by many cultures, different yet relevant.

Edgy and one-or-a-kind, Grimes’ newest works include images carved and folded on plywood
reminiscent of a childhood pop-up book right down to the glee we all
experienced as the story came alive at the turn of each page. “It’s always an
unpredictable discovery,” Grimes says of his work which is a mix of childhood
wonder and a kind of out-of-this-world intelligence. “It is the playful spirit
of discovery that sustains me.”