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    Experience the thrill and freedom of skydiving, close to home at West Plains Skydiving! A family run skydiving center with strong pride in our safety culture, we specialize in First Jumps and Training. Imagine the thrill of leaving an aircraft from over two miles above the earth. After a brief but thorough training session you will be airborne with an experienced, USPA-rated Instructor for your first skydive and our professional videographers will capture your adventure from the first step out of the plane to your safe return to the earth. When you want to jump again, our instructors will train you to jump solo after a thorough ground course. You’ve always wanted to try it, NOW is the best time! Call us at 509-838-JUMP, email us at westplainsskydiving@gmail.com or schedule your tandem now at www.skydivewestplains.com!