The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations

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The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017

December 30, 2016 12:00 pm by

Last year, savvy travelers flocked to Rio for the Olympics; Cuba, because they could; and America’s national parks, to celebrate the 100th birthday of the natural wonders in their own backyards. In 2017, we’ll see hot spots like Sri Lanka, Colombia, and Oman remain popular, but travelers will venture off the beaten path, beyond each country’s tried-and-true holiday escapes. Remote parts of the world will become more accessible than ever, thanks to new heli-skiing operations in the mountains of Georgia and a new walking trail that crosses the length of Jordan. Malaysia’s beaches are primed to become the new alternative to island getaways in Vietnam and Thailand, and there’s a Caribbean destination with just as much culture as Cuba, minus the crowds. You’ll want to get your passport ready to experience a fresh take on the African safari in Madagascar and the new capital of Nordic cool in Europe, and for something close to home, there’s a U.S. mountain town you’ll want to experience now, before the secret’s out.

7. Idaho
Idaho is having a moment. The capital, Boise, may not have an Ace Hotel yet, but it’s quietly setting itself up to be one of America’s most desirable second-tier cities with hip lodging like the Modern Hotel + Bar, indie coffee shops, creative hubs, distilleries, and a serious craft beer scene. And then of course, there’s the incredible access to the outdoors, including more than 190 miles of trails to hike, run, and bike in the Boise Foothills. Hemingway’s beloved Sun Valley, while often overlooked for glitzier mountain towns like Telluride, Park City, and Jackson Hole, is having a renaissance. America’s first destination ski resort area offers some of the best slopes in the U.S. and still maintains a laid-back mountain-town feel (think Aspen in the ’60s). The December 30 opening of the Limelight Ketchum, the first new hotel in more than two decades, will bring some youthful energy to the mountains. And this March, the Sun Valley Resort will host the U.S. Alpine Championships for the first time since 1951. Beyond the resort, Selkirk Powder Company recently announced it will be offering heli-skiing trips to the Idaho panhandle beyond the Schweitzer Mountain backcountry, giving adventurers access to the rugged and untapped American Selkirk Range of northern Idaho.

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